What is CBDCOAs?

When CBD Hexa entered the hemp/CBD oil space in 2016, we noticed a few things that stood out as major red flags. Customers were purchasing hemp and CBD oil products without any idea where the hemp was grown. The second biggest problem was the certificates of analysis (COAs): were they real? Were they stolen? Were they manipulated by the merchant? Finally, CBD merchants' websites were making many different claims as to CBD's effectiveness with respect to healing and curative abilities. In 2016, very little research had been completed and the leaders of the pack at that point were the Stanley Brothers. They developed a CBD strain that ultimately led to the name of their company, Charlotte's Web.

Our mission became clear: create a system that ensured the merchant and the bank were protected. The merchants needed protection from themselves and the FDA. The banks needed protection from the merchants, the FDA, the growers, the labs, the distributors, and others, including gas stations and convenience stores that were selling low-quality products with little-to-no CBD in the ingredients.

By 2018, the market was ready to explode. The 2018 Farm Bill Act was signed in December and a major processing company decided to bring on all the CBD and hemp merchants that they could handle. Auto-approval was almost guaranteed, with no COAs, underwriting, site surveys of retail locations, or products required. It was a free-for-all. Merchants were selling everything from kratom to synthetic CBD to spice and kush. By definition, hemp contains less than .3% THC and doesn't cause any psychoactive effects. In March of 2019, this credit card processor announced that they would stop processing credit cards for hemp/CBD merchants by the end of May.

In early 2019, the CBD Hexa technical team was nearing a breakthrough in watermarking technology and anti-doctoring algorithms. With the assistance of the labs, if we were given first access to the lab reports, we could watermark them and send them directly to the banks and merchants, bypassing the possibility for merchant doctoring. In April of 2019, we finished the project and created a watermarking system that could prevent COA theft and document alteration. We also developed a tool that scanned the merchant's website as well as their social media profiles for potential claims regarding diseases, cures, pain relief, etc. At that point, CBD Hexa was born.

So, check us out! Let us protect your lab, your product, your livelihood. We verify every COA that comes into our company, so that a lab doesn't have to suffer the embarrassment of having fraudulent COAs floating around or being tied to doctored COAs because they were unable to protect against forgery. This also inspires customer confidence in both your lab and the merchant's product by ensuring that the product they're purchasing contains the claimed ingredients and they're getting what they paid for.

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