CBD Research Library

With everything that is being said about what CBD can do, how much of it is actually true? Our goal is to provide everyone with the actual research that has been conducted involving Cannabidiol. We try to keep our research library as up-to-date as possible with the new discoveries and effects of CBD so make sure to check back often for any new findings.

CBDCOAs is not making any claims in regard to the effects of CBD oil. All of the information presented here comes from and links to the United States National Library of Medicine's website. We have compiled this information together into an easy-to-navigate research library with the sole intention of providing our visitors with peer-reviewed research and studies so that they can make an informed, educated decision; we are not attempting to sway your opinion in either direction.

Want to learn how CBD works with different diseases or conditions? Our research articles are separated by conditions so you can read multiple research articles about conditions that are important to you.

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